For my EnschedeLocator app, I want the user to get a compass needle that points towards the destination address using the device's orientation sensor and the calculated bearing between the user's location and his destination. For this, I implemented and tweaked Google's Compass example.

However, the compass seemed very jittery and unreliable, and frustration ensued. The simple solution came via this StackOverflow thread. Simply store a number of recent values and average them. This simple fix made the needle rotate smoothly and stay on target.

[code lang="java"]
/**Tweaked method for setting an average value. Pass the compassAverage to canvas.rotate()*/
public void setmValues(float[] mValues) {
	this.mValues = mValues;
	compassValues[0]= compassValues[1];
	compassValues[1]= compassValues[2];
	compassValues[2]= compassValues[3];
	compassValues[3]= compassValues[4];
	compassAverage = (compassValues[0] +compassValues[1] +compassValues[2] +compassValues[3] +compassValues[4])/5;


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