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Work done for course TBA4560 - Project work in Geomatics at NTNU in the fall of 2012. The result was an interactive installation using the Microsoft Kinect to control a map projected on to the floor. I presented this at Geomatikkdagene 2013 in Lillestrøm in March 2013.

FloorMapper, an interactive map installation from John Wika Haakseth on Vimeo.

EnschedeLocator for Android
Offline app for tracking addresses in Enschede using the phone's GPS receiver and data from Opendata in Enschede. Presented further in this blog post.

VolleyStat for Android
App for tracking stats for volleyball and storing them in a database. Source code released on GitHub. Also working on a light browser version in HTML/JavaScript. It can found here.

BeerFinder for Android
Group work done for the course TBA4250, Geographic Information Handling at NTNU. Android application for offline navigation to closest bar using a fuzzy algorithm allowing the user to set whether distance or price is more important.