Kortdage 2019 - Mikroanimationer og interaktioner

Microanimations and interactions - Kortdage (lit. “Map Days) is a Danish conference about maps and GIS.


CopenhagenJS October 2018 - How we make maps at Septima

CopenhagenJS is a monthly meetup for Javascript enthusiasts in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The presentation was aimed at non-GIS web devolopers and was an opportunity to talk about what we do at Septima, and how developers can get started with web mapping. The basic concepts of how maps are built up and difference between raster- and vector tile based maps where explained.

To give the audience an idea of how to get started, Danish and global open map data sources were presented and the most popular mapping libraries where introduced.

Finally, I introduced Septima’s new plug-and-play “I-just-want-a-map-with-an-address” product, Septima Map, for those looking for a free alternative to Google Maps.


The venue for CopenhagenJS October 2018 was DR

The venue for CopenhagenJS October 2018 was DR.